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Candace’s mother was given away at just five days old, and she is forever grateful that her mother was put in the arms of the Doyle's. She hopes to raise awareness around this topic of protecting those innocent babies that are awaiting foster care or adoption.

Born a twin in Danville, Illinois, Candace Webb-Henderson followed in the same footsteps as her beloved mother, Joan Doyle Webb, and her grandmother, Dorothy Burr Doyle, working in the medical industry helping others. Her greatest inspiration was her mom signing words out in the palm of her hand on her death bed. She told her to complete the book, Blessed to Be Unwanted. Not only did she tell her to finish Blessed to Be Unwanted, she asked for her favorite food, spelling out “ice-cream.”

Eating ice-cream of all flavors was a delicious guilty pleasure that Joan indulged in daily. Candace’s mother was given away at just five days old, and she is forever grateful that Frank and Dorothy Doyle took her mother in and became her parents. She hopes to raise awareness around the topic of protecting those innocent babies and children that are awaiting foster care or adoption.

As a loving mother to two beautiful children, Devin Doyle, and Carly Joan, Candace has come to realize over the years that we, as parents, are our children’s voice. Candace has been happily married to her husband, Steve Henderson, for 34 years, and they currently reside in sunny Sarasota Florida. Some of her favorite pastimes are long walks on the beach, yoga, and spending time with her family and friends. In addition, Candace volunteered as an advocate for children in foster care. She now has since volunteered her time working with the elderly sitting with them and assisting in writing their short story bios.

Candace’s life changed forever after a serious car accident several years ago, where an SUV limousine struck her while crossing the street in front of the Los Angeles Staples Center. She thought her life was over, as the injuries she sustained prevented her from furthering her career. Candace began co-authoring Blessed to Be Unwanted with her mother approximately five years ago. It was important to Joan to tell her beautiful story on how she was blessed to be put in the arms of the Doyle’s.

Joan Doyle Webb, unexpectedly passed away on December 29, 2015, before she and her daughter completed the book. After her mother’s passing, Candace was determined to finish the book. Never having written a book before, Candace decided to have her manuscript reviewed by an editor/author, who encouraged her to follow through with her mother’s wishes. Alas, upon evaluation of the book it was not marketable, and Candace was advised to rewrite it in its entirety. Candace was able to tap into her writing abilities by soliciting assistance from a writing coach.

Candace’s experience of growing up in a rural community and having hard-working parents has taught her that hard work leads to success and no dream is too big. As has been said before, the things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy. Candace listened to her mother in carrying out her wishes to finish the book. Life can be pretty amazing when we listen!

Update* During the summer of 2017 Candace decided She wanted to give back and help a child in need. She wasn’t sure at the time what that meant but knew that she had something more to offer to honor her mother. She began researching volunteer programs for children, and came across a nonprofit organization, “Voices for Children,” founded in 1980. Voices for Children provides comprehensive training and professional staff support towards becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate otherwise known as a CASA. People come from all levels of society; they include business executives, teachers, homemakers, attorneys, students, and retirees. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have the compassion and energy to help children in need. To learn more click here.

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