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With so many Indie and accomplished writers out there, how do you make yourself present online? It can be a very nerve racking and frustrating endeavor. For me it was about following through with my mother’s dream in getting her adoptive mother’s story told. By telling her story has inspired me to write. I hope to inspire those that may be thinking about writing a book to follow through with their dream. I hope to write another book. Thank you Chick Lit for your passion in helping Indie writer’s reach their potential in continuing to write!

Blessed to be Unwanted by Candace Webb-Henderson
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Blessed to Be Unwanted is an inspirational account, which highlights the heroism of one woman’s love for children and humanity during and after WWII. It is a true story written by Candace Henderson, the daughter of the baby who was handed over to strangers on a street corner, at only five days old – A testament to how an unwanted child can leave a legacy by following her dreams and living her life to the fullest. In the end, love prevails through many challenges and a triumph over her fears, grief and loss – and the world is a better place because of her. Blessed to Be Unwanted offers hope to go after life in a big way! Why live small when someone who has experienced the same feelings and discovered lots of happiness can inspire you? “

5 Star rave reviews for Blessed to be Unwanted – What readers are saying..

“Heartwarming…. Inspirational testament to the potential in every human…” “Is a must-read for anyone considering fostering or adopting a child…” Joe Tanner, Retired NASA Astronaut, and Family Friend Blessed to Be Unwanted.”

“An extraordinary testament to how her mother transformed tragedy into a triumph, Candace delivers a remarkable message to adoptive and foster children about their limitless potential for fulfilling their life purpose. I highly recommend this book as well to foster and adoptive parents.” Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation.

“Bravo and a job well done and defiantly a must read.” Reader review.

“Empowering those that have no voice…” “Something for all to learn from…” Daniel Gutierrez, Best Selling Author/ Global Speaker/ Spiritual Teacher/Master Business/Life Coach/Philosopher.

Chick Lit Café Book Review

There is an extraordinary bond between families that stretches throughout time regardless of how much time we spend with each other. As parent and grandparent, I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to have to give away your child. In Blessed to be UnwantedCandace Webb-Henderson takes us a journey that begins in desperation and ends in a timeless love between mother and daughter. Best of all, this is a true story that brings hope and joy to its readers.

At the end of World War II, a mother, desperate and alone, and with her heart breaking, hands her baby to strangers on a street corner. The baby was only five days old and was the author, Candace Webb-Henderson’s own mother. Never to see her family again, the baby is raised far away from the life she could have known.

One can’t imagine the pain and heartache the child must have experienced. Questions about her parents and their lives must have haunted her from the time she became aware of her history. But this is not a tale of bitter disappointment or regret. Instead, Henderson retells a story of great heroism and courage. She shows that through the love of her adopted family, her mother grew into a strong woman and lived a most remarkable life.

This is definitely a story that could be shared with teens and young adults in your life. This historical aspect highlights the horrors of war and the consequences that affect individuals as power brokers wheel and deal people’s lives away. There are moments of suspense and mystery that will keep you glued to each page. And, of course there’s love, romance and humor – yes, the author shows us how joy and laughter can light the darkest of times.

I have no doubt that you will love this book and it will become one of your favorites. It is the sort of book that you will return to when you need your faith in humanity restored and made new. You will be reminded of how important each and every individual is and the impact we all can have on improving each other’s lives. Blessed to be Unwanted by Candace Webb-Henderson is an extraordinary memoir and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café!! Book reviewed by Susan Day for Chick Lit Café.

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy today, you won’t be disappointed.

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