Growing up in a very, humble environment, my father, an American immigrant, left everything behind when he made a life threatening decision to escape Cuba on a raft. He reminded us to be grateful for the little things such as clean water, good health, and food on the table. He was a pastor with a true servant’s heart and love for the others-a trait which my parents instilled in me. I have had the joy of sharing the past 12 years with my “Mr. Wyoming,” Sean Pruitt. In marrying Sean, I gained a beautiful daughter. Together we’ve had three amazing children, and we’ve also adopted two gorgeous girls, proudly making us a family of EIGHT! Having been married for over a decade, we’ve learned a thing or two and have endured our share of obstacles. Now we are blessed to walk along side couples, counseling them in the power of unconditional love.

I consider myself privileged to have been born in this amazing country, a gift I do not take for granted. It is that gift, my love for my relatives in Cuba, combined with my passion and love for children-that inspired my husband and me to build three orphanages in Honduras, partnering with Impact Ministries International. As a public speaker and minister, I have the opportunity to travel the all over the US speaking, teaching and empowering others. I’ve also been blessed to be bi-lingual, and that has enabled me to speak to those in the Spanish community, as well as in other countries.

You may notice my hair length changes quite regularly…After losing several family and friends to Cancer, I began donating my hair every two years. I know it’s not much, but in doing so, I get to teach my kids about sacrifice and the joy it brings to give to others. Since my husband is the owner and operator of Kingdom Exploration LLC, and we are a homeschooling family. We are very fortunate to have the ability to live anywhere.

Four years ago, we chose to make that move, leaving all our friends, family, and everything behind. In hopes to change the suicide rate in the-then suicide capital. We enjoy spending our time serving our local community and others globally. We feel that experiencing life first-hand is the best way for our children to learn. “Choose love” is something we have devoted our lives to and live by. It is not only my “platform” but my family’s mission; we want to be a living example to our children.

As it’s been said before, “The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”

Our Mission: To make an impact in the world by serving, teaching, and inspiring others – How love, in its truest form, is patient, kind and selfless. This kind of love can transform a marriage, a family, a baby, an individual, an animal, even a bully’s life and can stop the abandonments of babies. So choose love.

In 2009, my husband and I were privileged to be able to provide the finances to build three orphanages in Honduras (One of the poorest countries in the world, the second poorest in the western hemisphere) — a dream come true for the both of us. Comayagua is the fourth largest city in Honduras. Our City of Refuge is located 45 minutes from Comayagua in the Village name El Motatal. The City of Refuge in efforts to be self-sustaining now has a school a medical clinic, a hardware store, a kiosk a bakery small restaurant we also have a farm with 20 cows and 40 sheep, fruit trees, gardens, water wells. It has won “Best Orphanage in the Country” three times!

Love Is the answer.

In 2012, Wyoming became the number one state in suicide deaths. Priscilla and her husband Sean, where seeing a need, decided to relocate their family, in hopes to dramatically decrease the suicide rate. They immediately got involved and volunteered to become youth pastors. Priscilla volunteered to become the high school cheer coach, an every day, volunteer position.

In order to give their local kids an opportunity to have a safe, nurturing environment, they started a weekly youth group of a hundred kids that they feed and entertain, personally covering one-hundred percent of the cost. This opens the door for them to mentor youth who have either attempted or contemplated suicide, and it has led them to develop the goal of unifying the community in building a city recreational center. A place where kids can feel safe, accepted, and have a sense of belonging. And their goal of lowering the suicide rate? After taking their campaign statewide and meeting with Governor Mead, they are proud to say that “WY is no longer in the #1 spot but instead is now in the #4 spot! That is a huge improvement.”


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