Priscilla Pruitt

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Growing up in a very, humble environment, my father, an American immigrant, left everything behind when he made a life threatening decision to escape Cuba on a raft. He reminded us to be grateful for the little things such as clean water, good health, and food on the table. He was a pastor with a true servant’s heart and love for the others-a trait which my parents instilled in me. Read More

Daniel Gutierrez

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Daniel Gutierrez is an International Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality and Author of Stepping Into Greatness: Success Is Up To You. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us, he has transformed businesses and individuals all over the world. His appeal breaks the boundaries of profession, culture, and age. Read More

Monica Kelsey

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Monica Kelsey was adopted at birth by a Christian family in Paulding Ohio but it wasn’t until the age of 37 that Monica discovered the shocking circumstances of her conception and subsequent birth. In 1972, Monica’s birth mother was 17 years old when she was brutally attacked and raped and left along the side of the road to die. If this situation wasn’t devastating enough, six weeks later she finds out she is pregnant with Monica. Read More

Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.

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Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D. has been described as an angel expert. She is a pioneer in the field of angelology and spiritual transformation. A gifted angelologist, author, mystic, workshop leader, and spiritual counselor, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide open to God’s love, heal and move forward on their life paths. Read More

Michael Bernard Beckwith

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Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder and Spiritual Director

In 1986, Michael Bernard Beckwith founded the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational community of thousands of local members and global live streamers. Highly regarded for its cultural, racial, and spiritual diversity, the late Coretta Scott King wrote to Beckwith, “I greatly admire what you are doing to bring about the Beloved Community, which is certainly what my dear husband worked for and ultimately gave his life.” Read More